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Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice

Tropicana believed they could increase consumption of their not-from-concentrate orange juice by increasing consumer awareness of the product's health benefits. Their traditional advertising methods had been unable to achieve this goal, so they began considering alternatives. No packaged goods product with a strong retail brand presence had ever used half-hour paid programming. But why not?

Euro RSCG 4D™ DRTV knew that TV audiences are always looking for alternative programming content, and there's no reason that such content can't come from an advertiser. It can engage audiences while enhancing the advertiser's brand and increasing their sales.

Focus groups helped us shape the balance between information, entertainment, and branding. The result was "Breakfast Americana - How Orange Juice Became an American Breakfast Hero" - a documentary-style program chronicling the progression of the orange from a rare, exotic fruit prized for its curative powers to an everyday breakfast beverage. The quality of the show was consistent with Tropicana's brand identity, even ending with a 30-second spot from their existing image campaign. The program encouraged viewers to visit Tropicana's special website to learn more and to download e-coupons for savings at retail.
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