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How big do you want to get?

Perfect. That's how big we want to make you. Euro RSCG 4D™ DRTV is the largest full-service DRTV agency in the world; we can scale to your needs and ambitions. So let's get started. Here's what you'll get when you bring your product and sales challenges to us:

Everything we do is focused on one thing: to make the greatest number of people possible buy your products. Our structure, our processes—even the way we are compensated—are all based on that single goal. We're experts at engineering successful campaigns.

Our media buyers are 100% accountable. We're the only agency whose buyers work exclusively on commission. They are financially motivated to optimize the performance of the media they buy for you; the better it performs, the greater your ROI, the more you continue to run your show, and the more money they earn. Our buyers spend a significant amount of time identifying the most profitable media. If it doesn't meet your pre-determined goals, then it is in their interest to leverage their strong relationships to get more no-charges or rate reductions, resulting in maximum profitability for you.
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